Construction scheduling software that is easy to set up, easy to learn, and easy to use. You could be up and running less than 1 hour from now. Plan your jobs better, save time, and get organized the easy way.

Web Based Project Managment

Remote VirtualBossRemote VirtualBoss gives you the ability to remotely access your VirtualBoss Task List, Jobs, Contacts, and more from any computer or device with an internet connection. You can give anybody access to your Schedules remotely. Remote VirtualBoss will allow multiple employees, managers, home owners, and subcontractors to view or update the progress of a Job from anywhere. You can have a simple 1 user system, or you can have many people access your information simultaneously!

Typical Remote VirtualBoss setup Advanced Remote VirtualBoss Setup

Remote VirtualBoss web pages can be viewed from any web browser. This includes browsers found on mobile devices like Android/iPhone/Blackberrys.

The process is the same whether you have a single remote user, or 100 remote users logging in at the same time! You can easily expand this system to match your growing business.

Remote VirtualBoss is a part of your VirtualBoss Software package. You still have the same great features on your PC, but Remote VirtualBoss extends this functionality to computers beyond the office. PC and Remote VirtualBoss will give you the best of both worlds with local and web based scheduling!

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Remote VirtualBoss on Android phone

Browser Support for Remote VirtualBoss

Remote VirtualBoss will work with all modern browsers - Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, ect. We recommend to use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari when using Remote VirtualBoss. These browsers provide the best compatibility for modern web features.

For mobile devices, the stock browser found on these usually work ok. If you have an Android device, we recommend Dolphin Browser. If you have an iPhone, Safari works well too.

For users that are using Windows XP or Windows Vista, we highly recommend Firefox, Chrome, or Safari as an alternative to Internet Explorer.

Remote VirtualBoss will run on any version of Windows. Click here for detailed instructions for setting up Remote VirtualBoss. Stuck? We can set up Remote VirtualBoss for you!