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VirtualBoss 5.0 New Release Special!
VirtualBoss 5.0 is our most ambitious upgrade to our scheduling software yet! We have made numerous enhancements to make using the software easier and more intuitive. VirtualBoss has always been the financially responsible choice, especially now with our new release special! Our new features include multiple task assignees, multi predicessors, file attachments, detailed undo option, simultaneous viewing of tasks & many more features. See what our users have to say about using VirtualBoss! With this special you can have these things and a 30 day unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

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Task_List Contact_List Job_List Gantt_Chart
You can save money by purchasing a license with a support plan!
Purchasing or Upgrading now will get you these benefits!
1) Free Setup and Technical Support of your Software
2) Free Remote VirtualBoss Setup
3) Free QuickBooks Pro Template
4) Discounted & contract free Support Plan option
5) Free Remote VirtualBoss License & domain name
6) 30 Day Money Back Guarentee !!
Price for 1-Workstation License  $399.95
5.0 Discount -$100.00
Total Price:  $299.95
License w/ Pro Support  $399.95
5.0 Discount -$100.00
Support & Upgrade PlanSupport & Upgrade plans are a great way to stay current
with new features and enhancements to your software!
Total Price:  $319.95

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The Task Manager has been redesigned to allow you to view multiple tasks while still seeing your overall schedule. The new task detail screen offers more flexibility and makes it easier to set up your schedule! It's now possible to attach important documents or pictures to a task and easily email them with Work orders or Schedules.

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Task Manager Task Notes File Attachments Task Groups scheduling email and fax custom fields secondary assignees

task manager

Our Contact Manager has gone through some changes! Adding a new contact is as easy as adding a task! Browse through the screen shots below to see the new look and features of the Contact Manager!

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Contact Manager contact profile contact address contact notes contact work order contact groups

contact manager

Adding Jobs is easier than ever with our new Job Manager! With an improved look and easier to find options, the Job Manager is a great place to start when beginning a new schedule. Check out these screen shots of the VirtualBoss 5.0 Job Manager!

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Job List Job Details Job Notes Tab Job Groups

Job Manager

Remote VirtualBoss allows you to access your Schedule from any Web Enabled device. Popular handhelds like Android, iPhone, and Blackberry make updating your schedule easy while on the go.
Try Remote VirtualBoss by clicking here!

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rvb list RVB Details rvb login

Remote VirtualBoss list

The Gantt Chart is a great way to view your Schedules in a visual way. You can view many jobs at the same time or just one depending on your preference. Using the Filter Options allows you to customize what you look at and how it's displayed.

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